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Become part of our team and kick ass

So you’ve made it to this page… and therefore you rock! =) Have you always been interested in exploring the world with a group of friends you rather call family? Now is your chance to hop on our choo-choo train called the SLCKRlife! We’re a bunch of outgoing like-minded people from different countries around the world who bundled their powers piecing together the daily puzzle called life. The world is our playground and we’d prefer doing exactly whatever we want whenever we want to – prioritizing fun, kindness and joy – and not think too much about what will happen tomorrow!

Our team is divided into different groups and sections. But don’t worry about the usual company-hierarchy, we don’t really take that too serious…

So let’s talk options… these are the current open applications we’ve got prepped for you:

Country Manager

SLCKR is a fast growing family based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. But since there is more to life than wooden clogs, windmills, tulips and cheese, we’ve been spreading our wings throughout the entire globe since day one. And since no one in history ever accomplished running the world by themselves, we sure don’t blow our ego by thinking that we can. Therefore we have several locals to manage our platform in their home-country. At the moment we have applications open for the following countries:

Austria | Belgium | France | Iceland | Ireland | Italy | New Zealand
Norway | Portugal | South Africa | Spain | Sweden | United States

If your country is not displayed above, don’t worry – if you still think you’re the one we’re looking for, please do get in touch with us!

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Content Creator

You’ve might have noticed… we’ve got some bad-ass content displayed on And we sure didn’t type all of that ourselves. =) As part of our family there are some of the best content creators available in the world. They either run their own blogs, vlogs, travel a lot or just like typing those amazing stories as an outlet to today’s mayhem. Do you have great writing and / or photography skills no one ever bats and eye about? Do you want to promote your own blog content? Or maybe you are just craving for more views on your YouTube videos? Now it’s time to actually work your geniuses and transform your creativity into reality!

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Brand Ambassador

Oh hello! So you’re the kid our parents warned us about? That cool awesome dude or chick that always travels to the best places, visits the sickest hotspots and have the latest gadgets to play with as soon as they become available… Do you like to brag about that cool item you bought lately? It’s time to get rewarded and monetize your enthusiasm!
As a SLCKR brand ambassador you will have your own profile in our SLCKRlife gallery and get access to a special section of our site which runs the BrandBassador platform.

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